Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Songs Of Green Pheasant

The story of how Songs of Green Pheasant got signed to Fat Cat should teach everyone two lessons. Firstly, it is still possible to get signed to a label by just sending them a demo, and lastly, always check your email. The long and the short of the story is this, Duncan Sumpner, an artist and teacher from Sheffield, made a demo, he burned it onto a CD-R and sent it to Fat Cat in 2002. They loved it and after repeat listens, they really loved it. They sent Duncan an email, no response. They sent ten more, no response. For two years there is no response, but they keep listening to the demo and it gets better and better. Finally, they get a hold of Sumpner and sign him in 2004, all to the complete shock of Duncan. The original demo was released in 2005 and a follow up, Aerial, was released in 2006. Both got great reviews. It's one of the better how such-and-such-a-band-gets-discovered stories that I've heard lately.

Cut to 2007, Songs of Green Pheasant are getting set to release their newest LP Gyllyng Street. Think the quieter Velvet Underground stuff, more specifically think of the Nico tracks. Think Beach House, think decaying loops. Mellow is where I'm going with this, but not boring at all. The album is very dynamic but without being too grandiose. It's phenomenal. Check out the first song from the album, entitled "Boats".

Songs of Green Pheasant - Boats

Pre-order Gyllyng Street here


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