Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joanna Newsom with the Austin Symphony

Thanks to Austinist for tipping us off to a fantastic show happening here in town on October 27th. Joanna Newsom will be performing at The Riverbend Centre with the Austin Symphony. I've never been to the Riverbend Centre, but a quick trip to their website reveals that it's out on Capital of Texas Hwy. and it holds about 2300 people. Oh, and also it looks really beautiful. If you aren't familiar with Newsom's music (I assume most are) then it is highly, highly recommended that you check out both of her fantastic albums (The Milk Eyed Mender and Ys) immediately. Between her unique voice and the fact that she plays the Harp, Newsom's music is such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes it's nice to just listen to music that doesn't have amped up guitars and bass in it. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Aug. 30th) for $35 at Frontgate. I have no idea if this show will sell out, 2300 seats is a lot, but all of Newsom's recent shows in Austin have sold out fairly quickly, so I wouldn't wait forever.


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