Monday, August 13, 2007

New Maritime songs

Here's the first two songs to surface online from the forthcoming Maritime LP Heresy and the Hotel Choir (fantastic album title). The first new tune "For Science Fiction" has a really heavy distorted bass line that dominates the song. It wasn't what I expected when I hit play, but I dig the song and that distorted bass sounds cool. The second track "Guns of Navarone" is also a bit of a departure from the sound of their last album. This one has some twangy guitar and none of the heavy distortion of "For Science Fiction". Even though neither tune is what I would have expected, I like them both and, honestly, it's great to hear a band grow and expand their sound without abandoning what it is that made their music great to begin with. I'm excited to hear the whole album and see them live again the next time they roll through Austin.

Maritime - For Science Fiction

Maritime - Guns of Navarone

Heresy and the Hotel Choir
is out October 6th on Flameshovel.


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