Monday, August 13, 2007

File this under The Greatest Thing Ever

I've been compiling some stuff for a post I'm planning to do on the status of several bands that have sort of dipped below the radar lately. During the course of said research I visited the Mogwai website and came across something that I've been searching for since I was 17 years old.

Come On Die Young by Mogwai is on my list of albums that I'd sooner die than never be able to hear again. Mogwai were a revelation to me and this was the album that introduced me to, not only their music, but an entire world of music that doesn't come out of the speakers of an AM/FM radio. To say that this album was huge for me doesn't even come close to telling the whole truth. In particular, I always loved the opening track "Punk Rock". This track features vocals from an old interview with Iggy Pop. At the time I originally bought this album, I didn't know that it was Iggy Pop talking, but the words struck me deep inside. In a little over 2 minutes this haunting voice justified everything I had always felt about listening to music and the way it makes you feel. The phrase "I couldn't have said it better myself" is wholly relevant here. I later learned through judicious Internet research while sitting in my dorm room that the dialogue was from an interview with Iggy Pop by Peter Gzowski. This discovery led me to The Stooges and countless other bands and songs.

So, to get back to the point of this post, when I went to the Mogwai site, there on the first page is the original video of the Iggy interview and it's been synced up to match the song perfectly. God it's so good to have something like this go full circle. Here is the video. I'm unbelievably excited by this. Hopefully some of you will share my enthusiasm.

Mogwai - Punk Rock (from Come On Die Young)

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KWay said...

Not quite sure I share your enthusiasm on this...but it was a freaking sweet interview. Too bad Iggy Pop is so leathery and strung out now. He was kind of rad back then, huh?

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