Thursday, January 31, 2008

New What Made Milwaukee Famous

One of the crown jewels of our lovely local music scene, What Made Milwaukee Famous, is putting out their sophomore album on Barsuk records on 3.4.08. The new album's called What Doesn't Kill Us and if the assorted bits of it I have heard thus far are any indication, it's going to be amazing. Here's one of the songs from the new album, "Resistance Street". Stereogum thinks it sounds like Radiohead, and I don't entirely disagree with that statement. To me, it sounds like a band hitting on all cylinders and magnifying every good thing they've ever done while adding in some nice little flourishes. It sounds like I love it. Enjoy.

What Made Milwaukee Famous - Resistance Street

Tour Dates

02/18 - Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
02/21 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge
02/22 - Los Angeles, CA @ Bordello
02/25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Lounge
02/28 - Los Angeles, CA @ Silverlake Lounge
02/29 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Cid
03/01 - San Francisco, CA @ Cafe du Nord
03/07 - Austin, TX @ Emo's Record Release Party
03/10 - Atlanta, GA @ The Loft at Center Stage +
03/12 - Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar +
03/14 - New York, NY @ The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza +
03/15 - Washington, DC @ Rock N Roll Hotel +
03/16 - Albany, NY @ Jack Rabbit Slim's +
03/18 - Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa +
03/19 - Toronto, ON @ Mod Club +
03/21 - Columbus, OH @ The Basement +
03/22 - Chicago, IL @ Metro +
03/23 - Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater +
03/25 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre +
03/26 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound (formerly Bricks) +
03/29 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey (formerly Breakroom) +
03/30 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre +
04/03 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore +
04/04 - Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon +
04/05 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Brickhouse Theater

+ w/ Louis the XIV

More about the album here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Ours Video - Live Again

Ours is currently on tour supporting Marilyn Manson (yuck, I know) and have a new album Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy) coming out 3.18.08 on Columbia. Here is the new video for the song "Live Again". I'll let Jimmy tell you a bit about it.

Hi Everyone. Thank you for coming out and supporting us on this Manson tour. We really appreciate it, and it's comforting knowing that many of you are out there. This is the first part of a 2 song video that we made with Director Michael Maxxis. We shot it in Edmonton Canada over a period of 5 days. We hope you like it.

Jimmy Gnecco

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Live Mission of Burma video

If anyone ever wondered where the name of this site came from (I can't remember if I've ever written about it on here before) look no further than the video at the bottom of this post. The video I speak of is Mission of Burma performing what could possibly be my favorite song of all time (I usually say "Carry the Zero" by Built to Spill, but this one comes close) "Academy Fight Song" at a benefit show they put on the other night to raise money for the US Campaign for Burma/Human Rights Action Center in Massachusetts. Mission of Burma's 2002 reformation, and the subsequent shows of theirs that I have been able to see because of it, have definitely been highlights of my life thus far. When I first heard Clint Conley yelp out "I'm not judging you, I'm judging me" my brain overflowed with goodness, and it still does every time. Absolutely classic.


I can't figure out how to get the video to resize, so it's blowing out the sides of the template. BAH! Until I get my coding issues worked out, just go here to see the video.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thom Yorke solo on BBC 2

Thom Yorke recently did an interview with Jonathan Ross on the BBC 2 and while he was there Thom performed a couple of songs solo. The two songs he played are In Rainbows' "Reckoner" and Kid A's fantastic "Everything In It's Right Place". Highly recommended. (via ateaseweb)

Thom Yorke - Reckoner (live on BBC 2)

Thom Yorke - Everything In It's Right Place (live on BBC 2)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Centro-Matic / South San Gabriel news

Straight from the horse's mouth.

Centro-matic Dispatch January, 2008 - Denton, Texas 76201

New Resolutions for Baseball Cheatin' Pollutions
Happy 2008. Hope this finds you in firm control of all your resolutions. Sorry it's been a while since I've written. Was busy trying to get my name cleared from the Mitchell Report and, y'know, working out. Danbom just shot me up with some, umm, B12. At least my lawyer advised me to say it was B12, so I think I'm ready to get down to full transmission here.

Hawks, man.
We been toilin and schemin' in our little world over the last little while, and I think it's gonna be a fun one this year. I'm proud to announce that this spring we will celebrate the release of our first double album, "Dual Hawks". It will not only be a double, but a split double that includes a Centro-matic side and a South San Gabriel side. It will come to you courtesy of Misra here in the US, and Cooking Vinyl and Houston Party Records in Europe. We are keeping costs as low as possible at many turns to ensure that it comes to you at a very fan-friendly price. There will also be a limited edition release of Dual Hawks with special packaging available. We're fine tuning all these things at the moment and will keep that info coming as release time nears. Healthy amounts of touring for both the US and Europe will follow. For now, here is the tracklisting for this release:

Centro-matic/Dual Hawks
Rat Patrol and DJ's
Two Seats Gold Reserved
Quality Strange
Remind Us Alive
Every Single Switch
I, The Kite
Strychnine, Breathless Ways
All Your Farewells
Counting The Scars
A Critical Display of Snakes

South San Gabriel/Dual Hawks
Emma Jane
Kept On The Sly
When The Angels Will Put Out Their Lights
Of Evil/For Evil
My Goodbyes
Corner Cross
Trust To Lose
The Arc And The Cusp
Alabama Crusade
Jornada Del Muerto #20
From This I Will Awake

New Shows. Texas Three Step
I'll be rolling around Texas in the pickup for a solo few shows in early February, all with the impeccable Sarah Jaffe.

Thurs. Feb. 7 - Dallas - Double Wide
Fri. Feb. 8 - Denton - Dan's Silverleaf
Sat. Feb 9 - Austin - The Mohawk

More shows will be announced soon.

Lastly, it is with heavy hearts that we say farewell to our good friend Drew Glackin. Drew passed away peacefully last Saturday due to an overactive thyroid condition that led to fatal heart damage. He was a longtime and devoted friend of ours from our earliest days of touring, and was a musician of the highest regard that had a resounding effect on all those that were lucky enough to know him. His work with The Silos, and the many contributions he made to so many other projects, releases and countless performances will live on with us. His kindness and undying enthusiasm were contagious and have meant a great deal to our band over the years. We send a heartfelt and humble salute in memory of him. We will miss you terribly, Drew.

- Will J.

Can't wait for the new disc.

Will Johnson plays a solo show at The Mohawk on February 9th.

Will Johnson - Just Some Silence

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Calm Blue Sea @ The Mohawk 1.30.08

One of my favorite local bands, The Calm Blue Sea, are playing next Wednesday evening at The Mohawk. Some of you may remember that the guys in the band were nice enough to let me post their entire EP for free on The Sound Of Marching Feet a few months back (which can still be downloaded here by the way) which i highly recommend, especially for fans of Post Rock bands such as Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Mono, or Mogwai. Since then the band has played a few shows around town to some very receptive audiences and are now set to play a lot more over the next few months. This particular show finds TCBS in the opening slot of a 3 band bill featuring touring bands Laromlab and Robotcowboy. The Calm Blue Sea go on at ten sharp (trust me when I say that they tend to utilize every second of set time they get and will undoubtedly be on at exactly ten sharp) and tickets are $6 at the door. According to some conversations I've had recently with the guys in the band, keep an eye out for quite a few SXSW appearances from them and a full length LP in the Summer or early Fall.

The Calm Blue Sea - We Happy Few

The Calm Blue Sea play The Mohawk again on March 6th.

Check out Do512 for more info on Laromlab and Cowboy Robot.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I know it's been pretty dead here lately, and I just wanted to throw up a little note about why. The long and the short of it is a lack of time. It's not so much a lack of time to update, it's more a lack of time to find new and amazing music that I want to write about. My intention when I started this site was to go with quality over quantity, and I think I have done a pretty good job of that. Lately, however, between working a full time job and spending a considerably larger amount of my time socializing with my friends (ie not being in front of my computer) I just am not exposing myself to the amount of new music that I once was. With all that being said, I still have a burning passion for music and I still have a passion for this site and for helping spread good music to people through my writing and the music I host. In the past, I have attempted to write mostly about fairly new music, attempting to not just rehash what has already been spoken about at length. Every time I search for a band or a song on or hype machine and I see that 50 blogs have all posted the same song or video and written essentially the same thing about them all within a few days of each other I question the idea of posting something about it myself. If something is extraordinary then I don't hesitate to throw something up about it, because at the end of the day, I started this site for my friends and not all of them spend as much time reading music blogs as I do. Where this is all leading is this, I've decided that the idea of trying to keep myself on the forefront of everything new and amazing is simply not possible given my commitments, I am going to start writing about the music I love, regardless of when it was released. Don't get me wrong, the majority of content will undoubtedly be about new band X or new song Y that has recently caught my ear, but no longer am I going to decide not to write something up because it was released in 2006 and I am just hearing about it now for the first time. No longer am I going to let the phrase, "That's already been done" affect what I put up. Hopefully, this will free me up to post more. Only time will tell how this affects things like my site traffic and where I get linked from, etc. Those things aren't the reason I started The Sound Of Marching Feet anyway. I'm just going to write about and put up good music that I like, and if a couple of people haven't heard it before and get into a new band because of it, at the end of the day my goals will have been met. Hopefully there will be more than just explanations and blank spaces at this url in the future.


PS - If any of my fellow bloggers are reading this, have any of you gone through this before? How did you overcome it? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I've only been running this thing for 6 months or so and I'm still pretty wet behind the ears.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LSD and the Search For God

LSD and the Search For God are a band that I have only very recently come across. I was initially drawn in by their name, I've always been strangely fascinated with the effects of both drugs and spirituality on everything around us, most notably culture and music. LSD and the Search For God hail from San Francisco and play a loud and swirling brand of Shoegazey rock and roll. As with several great shoegaze bands, they utilize both male and female vocals with much of the vocal work lying somewhere just beneath the rest of the music, visible but blurred. According to their Myspace page, there are only a handful of CA dates currently scheduled but LSD and the Search For God's debut s/t EP is being released on 1.16.08 through Detroit based Mind Expansion Records. It is available for order now through their Myspace page.

LSD and The Search For God - Starting Over (mp3)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Upcoming shows and such

Obviously we are only 3 months away from the loud, greasy, perpetually drunk/hungover Mechazoid that is SXSW, and with it's waves of denim clad, oh-so-unkempt, sunglassed masses also come a fuck ton of great bands. We all know that already though, we live it year after jaded year. In the meantime, take a moment or two and check out some great shows with your fellow Austinites before we get invaded. Here's some highlights of this 3 month homestretch.



  • All Hell Breaks Loose @ Everywhere

Friday, January 4, 2008

Low Line Caller @ Stubbs tonight

If you don't have any other plans on this blustery Friday evening, may I suggest some live music? A good option this evening would be the Low Line Caller show at Stubbs (indoor stage). If you haven't had the privilege of seeing this Austin based 6 piece yet I would definitely suggest that you right that wrong and check out the show tonight. I'm a sucker for a good rhythm section and you get plenty of that here (two drummers and it doesn't sound unnecessary at all, which is saying something). Doors are at 9pm, Tickets are $8 and Doug Burr and Flat People open the whole thing up.

Low Line Caller @ Stubbs (indoors 9pm) w/ Doug Burr and Flat People.

Low Line Caller - Carry Out Kids (featuring Mark Ferrino of Black Before Red)

Head over to Covert Curiosity to read up a bit more on the bands playing tonight.

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