Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What to do this week


Go to the Mohawk for Sea Legs' CD release show for their new LP, Ghost of Alabama. I hear a lot of early Wilco as well as Sea Wolf's (Sea Wolf not Sea Legs) excellent 2007 effort Leaves in the River on Ghost of Alabama. One Hundred Flowers and Dana Falconberry provide support and I've been told that Sea Legs plays at around 11pm.

Sea Legs - I Know

From Ghost of Alabama


Brightblack Morning Light at Mohawk

Buy tix here


Local Music is Sexy at The Mohawk (holy shit thats a lot of Mohawk!!)

Buy tix at the free shit store (i'd show up early)

Featuring: Brothers and Sisters / The Lovely Sparrows / Foot Patrol / Eastern Sea & Special FFF Guest

This weekend:

Fun Fun Fun Fest Motherfuckers!

Info here

Tix here

Afterparty info here

and finally on a personal note, Hoo-fuckin-ray!

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