Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BBC Collective Caribou mini Documentary

Andorra, the latest LP from Caribou hasn't even been officially released yet (out 8/21 on Merge), but it is already becoming one of the best records that I've heard in an extremely long time. This love was increased exponentially after I watched the following documentary about the making of the album and rehearsal for their upcoming tour. Seeing the tiny little room that Dan Snaith recorded this entire masterpiece of an album in by himself will knock you back a few steps for sure. He used 670 tracks to make a 9 song album! My brain would pop out of my nose if I tried to keep all of that stuff straight. If you haven't already heard Andorra yet, watch this documentary and try to not become intrigued. Caribou's October 19th show at Emo's cannot get here soon enough.

Andorra is streaming in it's entirety at the band's Myspace page.


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