Monday, August 13, 2007

Panda bear DVD update

I got this email from Mike at Eat Tapes this morning.


I have some unfortunate news in regards to your Panda Bear order. I am no longer able to offer this DVD for free. I explain in great detail why over at but the short version is this:

I had never anticipated this much interest in the project. I was expecting around 100-200 orders total. Its obvious I'm loosing money on this deal but I figured at such a small amount the loss would be minimal and worthy of the cause. However, at the end of 3 days I have received around 1700 orders. After a long night of number crunching I loose an average of $4 per DVD. This means after 3 days I have already lost literally thousands of dollars. As you can hopefully see, this can't continue.

For that reason: All Option 1 DVDs will now cost $5 for US orders and $7 for International orders. I sincerely apologize but this is truly the only way it can work. Any order for an Option 1 DVD in the past (this means your order) and future will be disregarded if it doesn't come with the donation. If you have already re-ordered you can disregard this message.

Now, there will be an option to download the DVD for free as a torrent. Check back on my website around August 21st or 22nd for more information on that. Also, as an apology to everyone for this error I will randomly package some Option 1 DVD orders with cash anywhere between $1-$7 so you do still have the oppertunity to recieve the DVD for free and this gives you a little something extra to hope for when you receive your package!

I can't express how sorry I am that it has come to this but I hope you can understand that I simply can't afford to loose thousands of dollars on this project. I will leave you with instrucitons on how to order the new DVD if you are interested in donating.

Please follow these instructions if you are still interested in receiving the Option 1 DVD:

Step 1: Donate
US Residence - $5 / International - $7
There are a few different ways we can go about doing this.
Paypal: Highly prefered! (go to find Paypal Donation link)
Money Order: Please send to Mike 306 W. Main St Trappe, PA 19426
Concealed Cash:
This is at your own risk and must be in USD.Send to the same address.
I will only ship the DVD once I get payment.

Step 2: Email

The reason to email me again is so I don't have to sift through all of my emails to match up people who donated with their previous order. Essentially this will be like you're ordering again however I'll make sure I ship out your DVDs before the others. Again, this is ONLY for the people who have already placed their orders when it was available for free.

Subject line: Order
*please copy and paste this format into the Body of your email.*

Option 1
Donation Method:
Amount Donated:
Confirmation Code:
*This is only if you donated through Paypal*
*detail anything extra I should know about your order here.*

I hope everyone is well.


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