Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Calm Blue Sea @ The Mohawk 1.30.08

One of my favorite local bands, The Calm Blue Sea, are playing next Wednesday evening at The Mohawk. Some of you may remember that the guys in the band were nice enough to let me post their entire EP for free on The Sound Of Marching Feet a few months back (which can still be downloaded here by the way) which i highly recommend, especially for fans of Post Rock bands such as Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Mono, or Mogwai. Since then the band has played a few shows around town to some very receptive audiences and are now set to play a lot more over the next few months. This particular show finds TCBS in the opening slot of a 3 band bill featuring touring bands Laromlab and Robotcowboy. The Calm Blue Sea go on at ten sharp (trust me when I say that they tend to utilize every second of set time they get and will undoubtedly be on at exactly ten sharp) and tickets are $6 at the door. According to some conversations I've had recently with the guys in the band, keep an eye out for quite a few SXSW appearances from them and a full length LP in the Summer or early Fall.

The Calm Blue Sea - We Happy Few

The Calm Blue Sea play The Mohawk again on March 6th.

Check out Do512 for more info on Laromlab and Cowboy Robot.


Chris said...

I know that every other website says this show is with Cowboy Robot, but I'm pretty sure it's actually going to be with Robotcowboy, as their MySpace lists this show but Cowboy Robot's does not.

My poster is right and everyone else is wrong...I hope.

Danny said...

duly noted young christopher

Wes said...

There's a band called Cowboy Robot?

Damn, now I have to change the incredibly creative name of my defunct comic.

And go see this band.

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