Friday, January 4, 2008

Low Line Caller @ Stubbs tonight

If you don't have any other plans on this blustery Friday evening, may I suggest some live music? A good option this evening would be the Low Line Caller show at Stubbs (indoor stage). If you haven't had the privilege of seeing this Austin based 6 piece yet I would definitely suggest that you right that wrong and check out the show tonight. I'm a sucker for a good rhythm section and you get plenty of that here (two drummers and it doesn't sound unnecessary at all, which is saying something). Doors are at 9pm, Tickets are $8 and Doug Burr and Flat People open the whole thing up.

Low Line Caller @ Stubbs (indoors 9pm) w/ Doug Burr and Flat People.

Low Line Caller - Carry Out Kids (featuring Mark Ferrino of Black Before Red)

Head over to Covert Curiosity to read up a bit more on the bands playing tonight.


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