Friday, January 25, 2008

Centro-Matic / South San Gabriel news

Straight from the horse's mouth.

Centro-matic Dispatch January, 2008 - Denton, Texas 76201

New Resolutions for Baseball Cheatin' Pollutions
Happy 2008. Hope this finds you in firm control of all your resolutions. Sorry it's been a while since I've written. Was busy trying to get my name cleared from the Mitchell Report and, y'know, working out. Danbom just shot me up with some, umm, B12. At least my lawyer advised me to say it was B12, so I think I'm ready to get down to full transmission here.

Hawks, man.
We been toilin and schemin' in our little world over the last little while, and I think it's gonna be a fun one this year. I'm proud to announce that this spring we will celebrate the release of our first double album, "Dual Hawks". It will not only be a double, but a split double that includes a Centro-matic side and a South San Gabriel side. It will come to you courtesy of Misra here in the US, and Cooking Vinyl and Houston Party Records in Europe. We are keeping costs as low as possible at many turns to ensure that it comes to you at a very fan-friendly price. There will also be a limited edition release of Dual Hawks with special packaging available. We're fine tuning all these things at the moment and will keep that info coming as release time nears. Healthy amounts of touring for both the US and Europe will follow. For now, here is the tracklisting for this release:

Centro-matic/Dual Hawks
Rat Patrol and DJ's
Two Seats Gold Reserved
Quality Strange
Remind Us Alive
Every Single Switch
I, The Kite
Strychnine, Breathless Ways
All Your Farewells
Counting The Scars
A Critical Display of Snakes

South San Gabriel/Dual Hawks
Emma Jane
Kept On The Sly
When The Angels Will Put Out Their Lights
Of Evil/For Evil
My Goodbyes
Corner Cross
Trust To Lose
The Arc And The Cusp
Alabama Crusade
Jornada Del Muerto #20
From This I Will Awake

New Shows. Texas Three Step
I'll be rolling around Texas in the pickup for a solo few shows in early February, all with the impeccable Sarah Jaffe.

Thurs. Feb. 7 - Dallas - Double Wide
Fri. Feb. 8 - Denton - Dan's Silverleaf
Sat. Feb 9 - Austin - The Mohawk

More shows will be announced soon.

Lastly, it is with heavy hearts that we say farewell to our good friend Drew Glackin. Drew passed away peacefully last Saturday due to an overactive thyroid condition that led to fatal heart damage. He was a longtime and devoted friend of ours from our earliest days of touring, and was a musician of the highest regard that had a resounding effect on all those that were lucky enough to know him. His work with The Silos, and the many contributions he made to so many other projects, releases and countless performances will live on with us. His kindness and undying enthusiasm were contagious and have meant a great deal to our band over the years. We send a heartfelt and humble salute in memory of him. We will miss you terribly, Drew.

- Will J.

Can't wait for the new disc.

Will Johnson plays a solo show at The Mohawk on February 9th.

Will Johnson - Just Some Silence


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