Monday, November 12, 2007


I went to Club Deville on Sunday night to see The Calm Blue Sea open for Shipwreck. First off, The Calm Blue Sea fucking killed. It was a great set and the crowd really seemed to love it. I think maybe 5 people asked me at some point "who that opening band was?" So, yeah good job guys. The other highlight of the night was definitely headliner Shipwreck's set. These guys from Champaign, IL put on a great show and the small (Sunday night after midnight) crowd seemed to love it. A tight, tight, tight rhythm section, walls of guitar soaked in delay, and some great songs to boot. Really nice guys too, make sure you check them out if they roll through your town. Shipwreck is signed to None records (a Polyvinyl subsidiary) and are putting out a new LP entitled Rabbit In The Kitchen With A New Dress On on December 4th. Here's the quasi title track from this upcoming release, "Rabbit In The Kitchen".

Shipwreck - Rabbit In The Kitchen

pre-order Rabbit In The Kitchen With A New Dress On here


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