Thursday, November 1, 2007

Killed By 9V Batteries

Admittedly, not the best band name I've ever heard, but definitely one of the most promising sounding young bands I have heard in some time. Killed By 9V Batteries come to us from Austria via the Siluh imprint. I must admit, I don't know much about the band other than what I could ascertain from their myspace page and website. They have 2 albums out, the most recent being their self titled debut for Siluh which was released in 2006. I haven't heard the first album yet, but this self titled album is definitely a winner. Killed By 9V Batteries' 13 tracks crash into each other leaving jagged edges and open wounds everywhere. This is music with ADD. No single song is uniform and highs, lows, starts, and screeching halts abound. The standout track amongst a strong field is the chaotic 7th track, "Come Down To Boredom". This one is a busy 3 and a half minutes of ups and downs and by the end I had lost count of how many times it "kicked in". Beyond the 2:20 mark all hope is lost and it's best just to hang on. The band is currently in the studio working on a new album and if it's got 1/2 of the energy that this one has everyone should watch out. No US dates as of yet, I'm hoping maybe they'll be by for SXSW. The images on their myspace page show exactly what I would expect from their sound, broken guitars and effects pedals that are beat to shit from lots of violent stomping. Check out the song, buy the album, tell all your hipster friends, these guys are good.

Killed By 9V Batteries - Come Down To Boredom

Buy their s/t album here.

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danny said...

i ordered their album via amazon! its ace dude!

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