Thursday, November 8, 2007

Odds and Ends

Here's a whole pile of good stuff to sort through.

1) There is a new, self titled, This Will Destroy You album coming out in early 08 and lets just say I have a "feeling" that it's going to be really really good. Here's a song from it called "Threads".

This Will Destroy You - Threads

buy it here (eventually)

2) That Sea Wolf album has been digging its teeth deeper into my brain with every listen, especially the album's penultimate track "The Cold, The Dark & The Silence". It's breezy.

Sea Wolf - The Cold, The Dark & The Silence

buy Leaves In The River here

3) St. Vincent recently covered "These Days" at a show in Forth Worth. Here it is (via You Ain't No Picasso via Lullabyes)

St. Vincent - These Days (Jackson Browne cover)

4) My mother's name is Nancy, and my sister's name is Elizabeth, then there is this other person named Nancy Elizabeth who I've never met, but she makes music and it's on the internet. It's good too.

Nancy Elizabeth - Hey Son

buy her new album Battle, and Victory here

5) If you read music blogs often then you've probably already heard the name Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) a million times over the past few weeks, but some of you probably don't read music blogs all that much, so here's my favorite song (Skinny Love) from one of my favorite albums (and album titles) of the year For Emma, Forever Ago.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

buy For Emma, Forever Ago here (eventually, maybe its out of print?)


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