Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some good shows this week

There are a pair of excellent shows going on at The Mohawk this week (what else is new) that I thought I'd let everyone know about. The first one takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Low is headlining the outside stage and I, for one, am particularly excited about this. It's been several years since I have had a chance to catch Alan Sparhawk and co. and in the time that has passed they've put out two wonderful albums (2005's The Great Destroyer and this year's Drums and Guns). Tickets are $13 at frontgate. The second show I am excited about is Friday night on the Mohawk's cozy inside stage and features Denton Texas's uber-prolific and consistently amazing Will Johnson. This one is just $6 (so cheap, how could you not go) and features Micah P. Hinson in the opening slot. I have seen Will Johnson perform in about as many different settings and with as many different bands (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, The Undertow Orchestra, backing up Patterson Hood, and solo) as any other musician and I have never once been disappointed. Not only have I never been disappointed, every show is phenomenal. I can't recommend this one highly enough.

Wednesday 10.03.07 @ Mohawk ($13)

Friday 10.05.07 @ Mohawk ($6)


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