Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy sunday

My musical experiment is into its third day and it's been successful in all the ways I had hoped and, wickedly enough, it's been every bit as annoying as I expected too. I'm currently enjoying a nice set of live and unreleased Jeff Buckley songs that are making this a lovely Sunday evening. One of the things that I figured might happen is that I would occasionally simply not be in the mood for the music that was playing. While that is certainly not the case as I type this, thanks to the Buckley, it was most definitely the case earlier today when the player hit some Jawbreaker that I was not in the mood for at all. I love Jawbreaker, but that shit can be draining and depressing when you are not feeling it. Even though I wasn't feeling Schwartzenbach today I was reminded of how awesome "Sluttering (May 4th)" off of Dear You is. This is exactly the type of rediscovery that I was hoping would take place. I acquire music at such an alarming rate and so often an album or a song goes unnoticed or is simply forgotten over time when it isn't heard enough and this song was exactly that. I used to slap "Sluttering (May 4th) on countless mix tapes but it has been a while. Hopefully I'll come across some more forgotten gems over the course of my experiment.

In other news, I went to the Caribou show at Club Deville on Friday night, here are a few notes and thoughts.

  • Born Ruffians, who opened, were fantastic. I came in having never heard them and left a fan. Great Oh - Oh - Ohs all over the place, I recommend checking them out.
  • Caribou was amazing. They were really tight and had a cool trippy projection show.
  • The PA went out 3 fucking times during their set and was breaking up and cutting in and out during Born Ruffians' set as well. This is beyond unacceptable, Club Deville. If you can charge people $12 a head on a Friday night and pack them in, the least you can do is to provide a decent PA system. I have, literally, had more sophisticated and better sounding PA systems set up in my living room before. I'm not passing judgement yet, as this was the first large show that I've seen there, but with the booking you guys have been doing lately, there needs to be an upgrade. If this happens again, I think a lot of people will leave and not come back.
In summation; Born Ruffians were surprisingly great, Caribou was fantastic (not a surprise), and Club Deville has sound issues that need to be resolved ASAP.

Here are some songs.

Jeff Buckley - Please Send Me Someone To Love (live on WFMU)

Jawbreaker - Sluttering (May 4th)
Born Ruffians - Hummingbird
Born Ruffians Youtube Goodness


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