Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Marissa Nadler - Diamond Heart

Marissa Nadler's music is like water in a very dark room. It's very quiet, but there's a bit of an unsettling aspect to it. There always seems to be something lingering just below the surface with an image nearly distorted enough to make your mind start to turn. I know that sounds sort of ominous, but my intention is to imply mystery. Marissa also has a wonderful, haunting voice that will surely make an impact on you. "Diamond Heart" is the opening track from Marissa's new album Songs III, Bird on the Water and it's a keeper, pretty indicative of the aural experience to follow as well.

Marissa Nadler - Diamond Heart

  • Buy Songs III, Bird on the Water here.

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Anonymous said...

large knockers are good too

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