Friday, October 26, 2007

Old Weezer demos

I used to be a really, really big Weezer fan. I know that's about the furthest thing from cool, but that was sort of the point back then. I, and just about everyone who fits in my age group, grew up listening to The Blue Album and Pinkerton over and over. Nothing they have released since has come anywhere close to those fantastic first two albums, but there was a lot of quality music made by the band back then that never saw the light of day. Most of it eventually leaked to the Internet over time and I, along with a lot of overzealous Weezer fans, drank it all up eagerly. I have a sick amount of old demos, rare live tracks, bsides, and really weird shit like Rivers playing the Star Spangled Banner on a clarinet (I'm totally serious about that too). In the near future Rivers is planning on releasing an album full of some of his old demos that will be entitled Alone. I haven't come across a track listing yet, but there is some amazing stuff that could end up on there (a lot of total shit too), including songs from the legendary Songs From the Black Hole sessions (read about that here). Once again, the cosmos aligned last night and my magical musical experiment hit the nail on the head by reaching the rather large Weezer section on my playlist and I was reminded of just how good some of those old songs are. Here's a demo of a never released song from 1997 called "Lover In the Snow" that I have always been particularly fond of, as well as my favorite of the few previously released Songs From The Black Hole demos "Blast Off".

Rivers Cuomo - Lover In the Snow

Weezer - Blast Off (demo)

Blast Off cuts off rather abruptly at the end, but that's the best that's available.


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