Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sea Wolf - Winter Windows

I took a step back the other day and sort of looked at my life from the outside in and I made a startling realization. I listen to a lot of music that features the accordion. It's pretty crazy how this instrument, which was the most ludicrous thing in the world to me as I grew up, has become as commonplace as a tambourine on stage and on record these days. It's definitely present in this new Sea Wolf song. In fact it almost is the song, taking the reins early on and gently fading towards the middle, only to reclaim its throne towards the end. Only time will tell if musical afficianados of the future will look back on these accordion tinged times with a smile or if the accordion will be this era's key-tar.

Sea Wolf - Winter Windows

Check Sea Wolf out on tour with Nada Surf this fall (no austin dates as of yet)

Listen to their Daytrotter session here.

Buy Sea Wolf's new album Leaves in the River here


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