Monday, March 9, 2009

New Thermals song - Now We Can See

Head over to to download the first song from their upcoming album Now We Can See. I gave the song a listen for the first time this morning and I was immediately hit with a full on, all five senses at once, memory. I haven't listened to The Thermals all that much recently, but when their last album came out I listened to them near daily. As soon as this new song started I was hit with this memory of sitting at my desk in my old house with the window open and a cool summer breeze rolling in. I recall propping my bare feet up on the wall as I reclined in my chair, and taking a deep breath through the nose of fresh air from the open window. Immediately after this memory hit my brain, others began rushing in, being on the lake, walking around the city with my headphones in, or just waiting on the bus. Simple memories, but all pleasant and reassuring. Basically, if you liked The Thermals before, this song will remind you of how those other songs made you feel, and you can't ask for much more than that. The Thermals will be in town for SXSW and will be swinging through town again as part of a full tour in May.

The Thermals at SXSW

3/18 - Terrorbird/Force Field Day Party at Red 7
3/18 - Bitch Magazine/Kill Rock Stars SXSW Day Party at Club Deville
3/20 - The AV Club and Canvas Media present It's Pronounced Par-TAY at The Radio Room
3/20 - Insound's 10th Anniversary SXSW Party at Club Deville
3/21 - The Rachel Ray Party (shudder) at Maggie Maes

The Thermals (not) at SXSW

5/22 - The Thermals, Shaky Hands at the Mohawk

The Thermals Myspace


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