Sunday, March 8, 2009


Girls are one of the bands that I am most looking forward to checking out during SXSW week this year. Girls come to us from San Francisco and they play a jangly sort of stoner-twee, lo-fi, surf/garage rock that seems to be making a huge resurgence lately. They have very very little released so far, just the Hellhole Ratrace 7" as far as I know, but are promising an LP before too long. I'd be sure to add them to your list this year.

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace (mp3)

Girls at SXSW

Mar 19 2009 - The "Church" with Grizzly bear
Mar 19 2009 - The Peacock: Gorilla vs. Booze
Mar 20 2009 - Neon lights patry w/ the pains of being true at heart, Parenthetical Girls, Cause Co-Motion
Mar 20 2009 - Emo’s
Mar 21 2009 - Club Deville

Girls Myspace

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fulltext said...

Also this single

Girls - Lust For Life (single) (2008)
Tracklist: 01 Lust For Life 02 Morning Light

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