Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Decider Party @ Mohawk 3.16.09

I ventured over to the Mohawk last night for the free Decider party. The place was packed for a loaded bill of local and touring acts. Opening the show were Low Line Caller. They really seem to be coming into their own, fully incorporating vocalist Marc Ferrino into their fuzzy reverb laden sound. I enjoyed their set, as usual. Following Low Line Caller was another local act, The Lemurs. Before The Lemurs took the stage we were treated to a brief comedy set by Eugene Mirman that was disappointingly met with loud conversation and some heckling. I really hate people some times. I really enjoyed Eugene as usual and was glad to see his act. After the heckling came The Lemurs. A lengthy set change between bands meant that they only had time for a couple of songs, all but one of which were brand new. Their new songs are very interesting. Traditionally, The Lemurs were the purveyors of all things poppy dance-rock, but with these new songs the band appears to be going for a more substantive, experimental sound with lots of vocal interplay and many layers of sound. I really enjoyed the new stuff and look forward to hearing more in the future. Next up was the highlight of the night, Oklahoma's Evangelicals. Evangelicals are exactly the type of band I can't get enough of right now. They make really interesting and beautiful noise. Walls of guitars, a bass player who plays like he's the lead guitarist, a solid loud ass drummer , and some earnest yelping all came together perfectly and the crowd seemed to respond in kind, with lots of jumping around going on during their set. Two parties in, Evangelicals are the best thing I've seen thus far. Closing out the night were the new band Wooden Birds, featuring Andrew Kenney from American Analog Set and Michael Bell from Lymbyc Systym amongst others. On another night, with less noisy and energetic opening acts, I may have really enjoyed them, but last night their music was putting me to sleep. I'm not going to say they were bad, I didn't get that impression at all, but honestly, after Evangelicals all out assault on that stage and the audience, I just wasn't feeling Wooden Birds. I'll definitely try to give them another shot on a less raucous night.

The Lemurs


Eugene Mirman throwing a Magazine

*All Pictures by Elizabeth Fraser Photography


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