Friday, September 7, 2007

La Blogoteque

Music is often referred to as a universal language, so it's no surprise that there exist several unique music websites based in different countries and written in different languages. My two personal favorite non English language sites are Ma Fama (Portugese) and La Blogoteque (French). I'm going to focus this on La Blogoteque but there will be a Ma Fama post forthcoming.

I studied French for many years, so I can navigate my way through the pages of La blogoteque fairly easily, but even if your hold on the french language loosens somewhere around Baguette, the original video content on the site speaks for itself. La Blogoteque is most well known for their Concerts a emporter (Take away shows) section. Included in this section are dozens of unique videos of bands performing their songs in strange locations. There are videos of Jose Gonzalez performing in the back of a moving Pickup truck in Marfa, Texas. There are videos of Menomena performing in a courtyard in France as small children watch and dance to the music. There are videos of Andrew Bird walking the streets of Montmarte singing and playing his guitar and whistling. My personal favorites are the videos of Sound Team performing while walking the streets of East Austin. Basically, there are a lot of wonderfully unique interpretations of great songs in totally unexpected environments. There are well over a hundred videos on the site. There is also an English translation version of most of the site. Check it out.


Matthew said...

I'm looking for the English translation of this site, which you reference in your post. I've scoured the site looking for such a link, and can't seem to find it.

Can you point me to the right place, please?

Danny said...

That was the section i was referring to.

Matthew said...

Got it.


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