Monday, September 17, 2007

ACL Fest brief recap

After missing my first ACL fest last year, I managed to get myself a wristband and see two of the three days of music. I had a great time, just as expected. It wasn't as hot as 2005, but there was plenty of sweat to go around. Here's a rundown of the acts I saw this year.


St. Vincent

Cold War Kids

Andrew Bird

Arctic Monkeys

Arcade Fire



Patterson Hood (featuring Will Johnson and Scott Danbom of Centro-Matic)

My Morning Jacket

The Decemberists

Bob Dylan

I was so exhausted from moving out of my house on Friday that I ended up getting a really late start on both days. I missed a lot of sets I really wish that I had seen, but sometimes sleep wins out. If I had to give a favorite set for the weekend I'd go with Arcade Fire, but every single set I saw was highly enjoyable save for Bob Dylan (I love the man's music, but he should stop touring. He was a parody of himself at best.) My favorite moments were Annie Clark covering the Beatle's "Dig A Pony" and her post song remark, "I wrote that song back in '69", The Decemberists closing their set with a poignant rendition of "I Was Meant For The Stage", My Morning Jacket's Hawaiian stage set up, complete with Hula Girls posing with pineapples, and every single second of Andrew Bird and the Arcade Fire's sets. Low points included having to listen to Blue October while waiting for Andrew Bird to start and the general crappiness of the sound at several stages.

I'm going to be doing some more in depth write-ups of a few of the sets I really enjoyed this week, and I'll post them as I finish. It was a great weekend and I'll definitely be back again next year.


Kway said...

Agreed on the Blue October comment. It was difficult to stomach their set. Just totally uncalled for and annoying. But Andrew Bird was great and Arcade Fire obviously rocked. So in the end it was worth it. Sad we weren't able to meet up!

Danny said...

They are, and always have been, one of the worst bands to ever make "music". Yeah, we need to get together soon. I have started getting those wonderful things called paychecks again, so we should go purchase and consume drinks at a place to be determined. It will be glorious.

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