Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unofficial, but cool, Wolf Parade video

I stumbled upon a wonderfully unique video for the song "Kissing the Beehive" off of Wolf Parade's grand new album At Mount Zoomer. The video is simply "Kissing The Beehive" over a crazy short film from 1964 entitled The Hangman. The Hangman is an eerie animated short (and by animated I mean illustrated, not too much movement in this other than the camera panning over an image) based on an old children's poem about a mysterious stranger who arrives in a town, builds a gallows in the town square, and condemns the residents to death one by one. This isn't one of those Dark Side Of The Moon - Wizard of Oz type synch-ups, the music doesn't necessarily follow the story, although you will get the occasional shiver down your spine and arms when something synchs up perfect (especially the broken guitar at the end), but it is a completely unique and engrossing backdrop for an amazing song. Check it out below.

Wolf Parade - Kissing The Beehive (mp3)

From At Mount Zoomer (buy here)

I'd also like to note that I recently attended Wolf Parade's sold out La Zona Rosa show and I, unlike a couple of people I've spoken with, absolutely loved the show. I loved the old songs, I loved the new songs, I loved it all and at the end of the show I left a bigger fan that when I walked in. They absolutely killed the song above to close their main set. My ears are still buzzing a bit.


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