Friday, May 2, 2008

Midgetmen CD Release show at Emo's Lounge Saturday Night

There's a great show going on Saturday night at Emo's Lounge. The Midgetmen, purveyors of all things rock and lovers of Journey cover songs, are having their CD release show and they have set up a pretty stacked bill of local talent to open the show. First up is one of my favorite bands, The Calm Blue Sea. These guys are fresh out of Erik Wofford's Cacophony Recorders studio over on the east side and have informed me that the full length will be out later this summer. I'm sure it's going to blow you all away. Their "epic" brand of post-rock open things up at 9:45pm sharp. After TCBS, you can hear the "noise, silence, and unbridled optimism" of The Georgian Company, and the fuzzy indie-pop of Peel. The Team Fabrication DJs will be spinning between sets and obviously The Midgetmen are headlining the whole shindig. If you need any more reasons to get off of your lazy ass and go see some rock and roll on a Saturday night, I've heard that everyone at the show will be getting a free Midgetmen CD and there will be free beer!!!!! You have no excuses. See you there on Saturday.

Download and buy some Midgetmen tracks here.

The Calm Blue Sea - Literal (from The Calm Blue Sea EP)


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