Monday, May 19, 2008

Good shows in Austin this week

There are some good shows going on in Austin this week. Consider this a heads up.

Monday May 19th @ Antones

Tuesday May 20th @ Mohawk
Balmorhea - Barefoot Pilgrims (MP3)

Buy Rivers Arms here

Wednesday May 21st @ Mohawk
The Calm Blue Sea live at The Austin Figurative Gallery - A Man Of Dangerous Dreams

Also note that before the show on Wednesday The Calm Blue sea will be recording a session for KUT's Radio Without Borders, which is hosted by Laurie Gallardo. I'll let you guys know when it will be available.

Friday May 23rd @ Emos (outside)
Friday May 23rd @ Stubbs (indoors)
This Will Destroy You - Threads (MP3)

Buy This Will Destroy You here

Lots of good stuff this week. Go see some shows!


Lizzie said...

i see you in that video! Tell the guys kudos; very cool. Especially the end.

Lizzie said...

ps - gimme gimme gimme all the mp3s for Frightened Rabbits! That song in their video was awesome

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