Monday, February 18, 2008

Eattapes at Stage6

You may recall the name Eattapes from my post a few months back about a free Panda Bear live DVD that Mike at Eattapes had put together. Well if you think that free Panda Bear DVD is all they've done, you've been missing out. I recently discovered that Eattapes archives alot of their videos over at Stage6. If you've never used Stage6 before, its a video sharing site, like youtube or dailymotion, that utilizes the divx web player to allow for really high quality, long length videos to be posted (note: Using this site requires downloading and installing the divx web player. Be careful because when you install this it will prompt if you want to install the yahoo toolbar, which I hate. Consider yourself forewarned). This is the perfect place to check out the high quality product that Eattapes creates. There are over 100 videos for your perusal at Eattapes' Stage6 page . Below are a few of my favorites. Make sure to stop by Eattapes main page often for the great Philly shows they put up all the time.

Mogwai - Live @ Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia (5.11.06)

Explosions In The Sky - Live @ Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia (3.18.07)

Menomena - Live (11.7.07)


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