Saturday, February 16, 2008

Old Interpol - Specialist

I was a really big Interpol fan after just one run through Turn On The Bright Lights and have remained a fan through all the subsequent albums and tours, but the one song in particular that made me absolutely fall in love with Interpol is the song "Specialist" from their Interpol EP. Technically the band's third release after two seperate printings of the band's Precipitate EP (if you can find a copy of this with the pink lettering consider yourself lucky), the Interpol EP featured two early versions of eventual Turn On The Bright Lights tracks "PDA" and "NYC". Closing out the three song EP is "Specialist". I can remember back to Interpol's sold out Emo's outside show a few years back, standing in the snow (that's right snow) right at the front of the stage, and seeing that "Specialist" was on their set list. I have never been as excited to hear a song played live. "Specialist" instantly grabs you with the throughly awesome opening lines;

"You make me lose my buttons
Oh yeah, you make me spit
I don't like my clothes anymore"

I couldn't tell you why that opening 3 lines grabbed me so, or how the remaining 6 minutes of the song have remained some of my favorite minutes of any song, but they have, and they continue to be.

Interpol - Specialist (from Interpol EP)


Anonymous said...

yeah i really love this song, its captivating despite the length

governmentproj13 said...

i know what you mean about this lyrics man. a lot of their songs, especially their older dark stuff, their lyrics are so beautiful and captivating... and i don't always know why! half the time i don't even understand them. maybe my subconcious does, and that's why i like it so.

"Her rabid glow is like braille to the night."

See? I don't know why that lyric is so beautiful! Oh well. XD Just one of the many reasons i want to make a baby with interpol.

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