Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Young Galaxy

Montreal band Young Galaxy come to us from that seemingly bottomless pool of talented musicians releasing music on the Arts and Crafts label made famous by Broken Social Scene. Young Galaxy was founded a few years ago by Stephen Ramsay, formerly a touring guitarist with label mates Stars, and his girlfriend Catherine McCandless. The band have a very space-y sound that puts the synths right up front in the mix. McCandless and Ramsey's male/female vocal switch-offs add a nice element to the group and their vocals really compliment each other well. It's always such a drag when a band has dual vocalists that just don't sound good together, definitely not the case here. Young Galaxy's new s/t album is swimming in guest spots from many veterans of the Montreal music scene including members of Stars, The Dears, A Silver Mt. Zion, and The Besnard Lakes.

Young Galaxy - Outside The City
Young Galaxy - Wailing Wall

Young Galaxy Daytrotter session

Buy Young Galaxy's album here


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