Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Built To Spill tracks

Built to Spill just released 2 new songs kind of out of nowhere. It's the first recorded output from the band since You In Reverse came out last year. The two song ep contains a cover of The Gladiator's "Re-Arrange" and a Built To Spill original called "They Got Away". The casual fan may be surprised by the band releasing a 2 song ep of reggae music, but if you've seen Built To Spill live a few times you are probably aware of their propensity for throwing reggae jams into their sets. I remember seeing them cover "Cortez The Killer" in their encore and spending 15 minutes in the middle of the song on a reggae jam. I can also clearly recall them playing "They Got Away" a few years ago at Stubbs towards the end of one of their sets. The EP/single/whatever is available as a digital download and a 12" single.

Built To Spill - They Got Away (MP3)
Built To Spill - Re-Arrange (MP3)


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