Monday, July 23, 2007

Simon Dawes

Simon Dawes is not a person. Somewhere there may exist a person named Simon Dawes, but that person has nothing to do with this. Simon Dawes is a 4 piece rock band from California. The band (consisting of singer Taylor Goldsmith, guitarist Blake Mills, bassist Willy Slam, and drummer Stuart Johnson) are signed to The Record Collection, one of an increasing number of major label backed pseudo-indie labels that are popping up nowadays. Carnivore, the band's debut full length (they released the What No One Hears EP in 2005) has impressed enough people to get them opening slots on tour with Band of Horses and Incubus amongst others. The album is very good, but it wasn't really what I was expecting. I was introduced to the band via their live set on Daytrotter. When I popped in Carnivore I was expecting to hear the studio versions of the songs that I had enjoyed so much from the Daytrotter set but, surprisingly, none of them were on the album. Confused, I did a bit of research and found out that the band had decided to forgo playing any of their album material when the set was recorded, opting instead to play some new songs they had been working on. I think, looking back, that this was the main reason that I wasn't as impressed with the album. I was just disappointed that songs like "Blood and Guts" and "Wilderness" were nowhere to be found. All this really means is that the future is bright for Simon Dawes. It's a rare thing when a band can make you eagerly anticipate their new album, before you have even heard their current one.

Simon Dawes can currently be found in the opening slot on Incubus' summer tour.

Simon Dawes Daytrotter session

Simon Dawes - Behind The Bleachers (MP3)
Simon Dawes - Save Your Ticket (MP3)

Buy Carnivore
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