Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sigur Ros - Heima & Hvarf/Heim

Sigur Ros's new concert DVD Heima was released today. The film chronicles the band as they return to their homeland of Iceland and perform in front of their countrymen and women in some unique locations. The film has garnered pretty glowing reviews across the board and is magnificently shot, as can be seen from the trailer below.

About a month ago Sigur Ros released Hvarf/Heim a double disc album comprising both rarities and previously unreleased tracks as well as acoustic performances done in promotion for Heima. The album is as beautiful as anything else the Icelandic group have released in the past, and the second disc's acoustic tracks shed a whole new light on some of the band's past work. Both are highly recommended.

Sigur Ros - Hjomalind

Buy Hvarf/Heim here

Buy the Heima DVD here


Matthew said...

Couldn't find an email address to contact you, so I'll post here.

Either I'm missing something, or your rss feed is broken. I tried to subscribe in Google Reader using a variety of methods, and all of them gave me nothing but a broken feed.

You may want to check it out (or suggest to me what I might be doing wrong), as it could be affecting the number of readers you get.

Chris said...

Yeah I've had problems with the feed too.

I think it's time for The Sound of Marching Feet best of '07. Don't hold out on us.

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