Friday, June 22, 2007

Kevin Drew - Tbtf

Download it here

Spirit If... is the first of several planned "Broken Social Scene Presents" albums that will feature the solo efforts of various band members. According to Arts and Crafts the second edition will be a Brendan Canning solo album due in early 2008. Spirit If.. is comprised of Kevin Drew penned tunes but features many of the familiar BSS members. Tbtf is the first single from the 14 track set. If you've already heard the song then you already know what Tbtf stands for, if you haven't heard it yet you'll figure it out during the first chorus (psst it stands for too beautiful to fuck). The song follows in the tried and true BSS formula of writing absolutely beautiful songs about less than poetic situations (see You Forgot It In People standout Lover's Spit for another fine example). I'm all over this one. One of my favorite songs of the year. It makes me quite excited about hearing the full album and all of the BSS presents to come.


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