Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ours tonight @ Stubbs

Tonight one of my all time favorite bands, Ours, is playing at Stubbs' indoor stage. Ours is probably best known for their quasi radio hit Sometimes from back in 2001. To their fans, the band is much more than just a one hit wonder. Ours' third studio album, Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy, was recorded over the last few years under the helm of Rick Rubin. The album has been finished and the band is just waiting for a label to release it on. No date as of yet on when, or on which label (Columbia Records is the current belief) the album will end up getting released. Ours is one of those bands that you might say has a "cult following". They haven't been on the air in heavy rotation in over 5 years, but you can bet that the show tonight will be full, just as it was a few months ago when they last rolled through town. Tickets are $15 and the doors are at 8pm. April Bauer opens.


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