Monday, May 14, 2007

An Introduction

Here we go. My name is Danny. I am 24. I live in Austin, Texas. South Austin, Texas to be exact. I am a music freak. Not only am I a music freak, I am a highly opinionated music freak. I probably live in the best city in the world to be a highly opinionated music freak. Because I am such a highly opinionated music freak from time to time my friends suggest that I should start a website of some sort. The problem has been that I am a pretty lazy guy. Well, I woke up today and decided that I'd try to change that. This blog is what you could call the first step in the process of delazifying myself. On top of my love of music, I really love the city of austin and the surrounding hill country. I'm going to attempt to combine those loves here. I'm just getting started and the ideas are a bit hazy, so I'm not sure exactly how this is all going to work. Things to expect from this URL address are as follows;

1) Music, more specifically music from austin, and music taking place in austin.
2)Austin events.
3)Whatever else I decide to post about.

So in summation, there will be talk of music, and there will be talk of austin, and then there will be other stuff. Vagueness be damned, hopefully some of you will like it.

Feel free to leave me a comment or to send your opinions, thoughts, whatever to TheSoundOfMarchingFeet at




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