Thursday, September 11, 2008

GFY Ike! (Long Live Mogwai!)

Mannnnnnnn, Hurricane Ike better stay the hell away from Austin tomorrow night because if the Mogwai show gets rained out I am going to go on a rampage. It's been 5 years since I last saw my favorite live band in the universe and I will not accept any of this rain nonsense! I will be swimming in positive thoughts from here on out, I swear. So, obviously, this is a post about the Mogwai show at Stubbs tomorrow night. I've had my ticket for a while now and the anticipation is mounting. In order to get all of you psyched for the show here is a little treat for you. Fuck Buttons are opening all of the dates on this US Tour and at each stop the bands have made available a limited edition split EP which features each band taking on one of the other's songs. Mogwai contribute a remix of the Fuck Buttons song "Colours Move", while Fuck Buttons offer up their take on the Mogwai classic "Mogwai Fear Satan". I have the latter available for you below. Be sure to grab a copy for yourself at the Merch table tomorrow night.

Fuck Buttons - Mogwai Fear Satan (mp3)

Get your tickets here while they last.

The Mogwai show is the big news of the night but there is more rock for you after the show is over a few feet away from Stubbs' main stage. After the show be sure to make your way inside for the free (with Mogwai wristband) The Calm Blue Sea set at the After-party (i'm sure you can pay at the door too if you decide not to go to Mogwai for some reason). These local post rockers have certainly spent their fair share of time listening to Mogwai and I'm sure they'll be front row for the show before they unleash their own post-rock fury inside. They have a brand new album finished (which I recently reviewed here) and I'm sure they will have copies available at the show. Bring your fucking earplugs everybody!

The Calm Blue Sea - Literal (mp3)

Buy The Calm Blue Sea (digitally) here

Also, be sure to make it out to Emo's Lounge on October 4th for The Calm Blue Sea's official CD Release show with The Midgetmen, The Murdocks, and Hat Talk.


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