Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New {{{Sunset}}} - Man's Heart Complaint

Thanks to Gorilla Vs Bear for tipping me off to this new {{{Sunset}}} song off of the upcoming Bright Blue Dream album (due out March 25th via Autobus Records). For those who don't know, {{{Sunset}}} is a band led by Bill Baird, bassist for the now defunct and sorely missed Sound Team. "Man's Heart Complaint" is a true gem. You can hear some of that wonderful, organic, Sound Team sound in this one, but it's also clear that Bill has moved on and found his own way. Nothing sounds rehashed and I'm eager to hear the rest of the record. If you like the track, you'll have plenty of chances to see the guys behind it performing during SXSW as {{{Sunset}}} has 7 shows scheduled over the next two weeks.

{{{Sunset}}} - Man's Heart Complaint

off of the upcoming LP Bright Blue Dream (preorder here for $8.99)

Check the Myspace for upcoming shows.


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