Monday, October 1, 2007

Radiohead is cool, etc.

I'm sure everyone has already read about the latest Radiohead LP, In Rainbows, which the band announced this past weekend would be available as a DRM-free digital download starting October 10th. The album will be available in traditional formats at later dates, deluxe vinyl set in December and traditional CD early next year, no word yet on how it will be distributed or whether it will be released on a label. The vinyl edition will run you about $81 USD, which is a bit high, but it has 18 tracks to the albums 10, and when Radiohead says deluxe and charges 80 bucks, I imagine they mean deluxe. The coolest part of this whole thing, aside from making the record labels shake in their fucking boots, is that the digital download of the album is available for whatever price you want to pay. Ideas like this have been thrown around before but never actually implemented by a band of this stature. I am eager to see how this all turns out. In essence all they are doing is leaking their own album, in a guaranteed high quality that they determine, and seeing if/how many people will pay for it when given the chance. Should be interesting.


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