Friday, September 28, 2007

I hate not having internet access

BAH! I have begun to realize just how dependant I am on this crazy little thing called the Internet recently. The phrase "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" rings in my head several times daily. I only get maybe 30 minutes of pre and post work goof off time on my computer at work and that's the only time I have to access the Internet. I usually use that time to read email and catch up on the news (no TV either, but I don't miss that much) and have spent approximately zero time on updating the site. So here's a minor half assed update.

Caribou! I love Caribou. You all know that by now. The band is playing at Club Deville here in Austin on the 19th of October. Also, they have recently recorded a series of live videos of the band playing in Dan Snaith's home studio, dubbed the pink room for obviously pink reasons. I have no speakers on this work computer so for the first time ever, I am linking to something that I haven't even listened to. That's how much I think of Caribou. If this stuff isn't cool I'll give you your money back. The videos are up at Stereogum, Gorilla VS. Bear, Pitchfork, and Daytrotter. Enjoy, and someone do me a favor and tell me how it sounds........


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